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  • Fall 2023-2024 After School Program

    Homework help, Mandarin Chinese, and supplemental Math and English practice are all included in our after-school program tuition. Your child may participate in all of these programs, or you may choose any combination.

    NOTE: This will be PRE-REGISTRATION for our after-school program 2023-2024. All new registrations will automatically be put on a waiting list.

  • Math Champions Grade K-6 (Winter 2024)

    These workshops are for students with strong math skills who want to pursue excellence in math in fun-filled and interesting ways. Math Champions for Winter 2024 will be segmented into three parts – math worksheets, individual mental math quizzing, and Math Kangaroo word problems. Most math subjects covered in the Common Core are addressed, but problem areas will receive more attention. Math Kangaroo competition test problems and other word problems are the foundation for this workshop. The focus is on methods of analysis, critical thinking, and having fun with math rather than on "math drills". Students are strongly encouraged to sign up for the International Math Kangaroo exam in March which will be proctored here at our center.


    Ron LaTour is a retired electrical engineer with computer science experience who has a passion for helping students better learn math and science concepts.


    January 16-April 23, 2024 (13 sessions). Meet every Tuesday at 3:30 pm (Grade 1) and at 4:30 pm (Grade 2)

    January 17-April 24, 2024 (13 sessions). Meet every Wednesday at 3:30 pm (Grade K) and at 4:30 pm (Grade 3)

    January 18-April 25, 2024 (13 sessions). Meet every Thursday at 3:30 pm (Grade 4) and at 4:30 pm (Grade 5/6)

    NO CLASSES: President's Day Break 02/20-02/22, Spring Break 04/02-04/04, and Instructor's Off Days 04/09-04/11.

    (Minimum 4 students/Maximum 8 students)

  • Public Speaking Grade 1-5 (Winter 2024)

    Grade 1-2: Pre-Public Speaking. This class focuses on teaching the beginning building blocks of public speaking. Starting with being ready, practiced, and focused, they will learn the importance of body language and varying the tempo and tone of their voice. They will also learn the value of good openings and closes. Within the fun milieu of the show and tell, storytelling, and poetry recitals, the goal is for your child to start developing more confidence and skill in expressing themselves to a group.

    Grade 3-5: Public Speaking & Debate Combo. This class focuses on teaching delivery and presentation skills to the students. Students learn how to manage public speaking anxiety, present themselves with confidence, and connect with their audience through effective body language. It improves their confidence in public speaking and communication skills. They learn different approaches to preparing for a speech, for example speaking from notes or from memory. The students learn how to make strong arguments, use tools like flow, and practice note-taking. This course instills critical thinking in students by providing reasoning and evidence. This course introduces various formats of debates popular in high school. The participants debate on a variety of age-appropriate topics in various formats.


    Don Maker holds a BA in English and Comparative Literature from UC San Diego and an MA in Education from Chapman University. He was an English and History teacher before leaving public education to work with private companies and students. He is also a published author of seven novels, numerous articles, and poems, and has written two screenplays and one stage play. he loves teaching students of all ages and wishes for each student to reach their maximum potential.


    January 17-April 24, 2024 (13 sessions). Meet every Wednesday at 3:30 pm (Grade 1-2) and at 4:30 pm (Grade 3-5)

    NO CLASSES: 02/21 President's Day Break and 04/03 Spring Break.

    (Minimum 7 students/Maximum 10 students)

  • Japanese Hiragana and Art Grade 1-5 (Winter 2024)

    Students will learn how to write 46 Japanese Hiragana letters with strokes that they need to follow. Students also will learn how to read them and explore Japanese words and greetings, such as Konichiwa, Sayonara, and Arigato which helps them develop confidence in their Japanese speaking skills. For fun, they will have Origami, Karuta card game, Mairo (Japanese maze), and Japanese calligraphy. The goal is for students to experience Japanese culture and manners. They expect a respectful attitude towards each student in the classroom.


    Kaori Miller is originally from Tokyo, Japan. She has experience teaching Japanese for four years in Castro Valley and teaches at South Alameda County Buddhist Church Japanese Language School in Union City. Also, she has been a Castro Valley School Unified District Paraprofessional for a Special Day Class at Chabot Elementary School since 2014, living with her husband and a high school son in Castro Valley. She enjoys cooking Japanese food on the weekends.


    January 18-April 25, 2024 (13 sessions). Meet every Thursday at 3:30 pm (Grade 1-5)

    NO CLASSES: 02/22 President's Day Break and 04/04 Spring Break.

    (Minimum 4 students/Maximum 8 students)

  • Creative Drawing Grade K-3 (Winter 2024)

    Students will use oil pastels, pencils, and markers to explore their creativity in this fun and informative class. Students will begin with the basics of drawing such as line, shape, color, contrast, and technique. They will be introduced to different artists and stylings while being encouraged to embrace their own unique vision and style of drawing.


    Linda Nygard is a lifelong photographer, writer, and artist. She currently works with Sun Gallery in Hayward, and Twirl in Alameda. She also brings art lessons into public school classrooms in Hayward and Alameda.


    January 19-April 26, 2024 (13 sessions). Meet every Friday at 2:30 pm (Grade K) and at 3:30 pm (Grade 1-3)

    NO CLASSES: 02/23 President's Day Break and 04/05 Spring Break.

    (Minimum 5 students/Maximum 10 students)

  • Chess Class Grade 1-5 (Winter 2024)

    Immerse yourself in the exciting world of chess! Chess is fun and can be learned quickly and easily! Studies have found that chess helps improve test results in reading, science, and math, and produces growth in critical cognitive skills. Beyond academia, chess influences social behavior including self-esteem, respect for others, patience, and good sportsmanship. And did we mention it’s FUN!


    Berkeley Chess School.


    January 19-April 26, 2024 (13 sessions). Meet every Friday at 2:30 pm (Grade 1-2) and Friday at 3:30 pm (Grade 3-5)

    NO CLASSES: 02/23 President's Day Break and 04/05 Spring Break.

    (Minimum 10 students/Maximum 20 students)

  • Art Exploration Grade 1-5 (Winter 2024)

    Students will explore their creativity while using several different types of art media. Fun art projects may include glass fusing, raw clay, pottery painting, polymer clay, and more. Everything needed to create these hand-crafted works of art will be supplied.


    Aran Mimran owned Aran's Art Studio in Castro Village for over 21 years. She currently teaches art camp, acrylic pours, raw clays, glass fusing, and so much more. She frequently brings art lessons into public school classrooms in Castro Valley, San Leandro, Oakland, Hayward, and Fremont.


    January 19-April 26, 2024 (13 sessions). Meet every Friday at 2:30 pm (Grade 1-5)

    NO CLASSES: 02/23 President's Day Break and 04/05 Spring Break.

    (Minimum 8 students/Maximum 15 students)