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  • Homework Support Program (pre-registration)

    !!! This is an OPEN ENROLLMENT for Full-Day and Half-Day PM Program!!!

    Currently, ALL pre-registration WILL AUTOMATICALLY be put on WAITING LIST.

    With our Homework Support Program, our staff will provide in-person support at our center for students to complete their virtual learning classes from the school district. Students will bring their school assigned Chromebook and personal headphones to create their own personal workstations while at Bee Best. Staff will help students access their Zoom lessons and complete their school homework. For Full-Day and Half-Day Afternoon students, we will also offer Chinese classes via Zoom, supplemental math and language arts worksheets, and a daily fun enrichment activity.

    Bee Best will provide a safe and supervised location where students in grades TK-5 can stay at the center full-day or half-day. Each class group will be limited to a maximum of 8 students and 1-2 staff.
  • Virtual Math Kangaroo Workshops (Grade K-6)

    !!! This is an OPEN ENROLLMENT for virtual Math Kangaroo starts on January 12 to April 28, 2021 !!! Virtual Math Champion Workshops at current grade level will clarify and reinforce common core skills crucial to a successful future in mathematics and science. Each workshop starts with basic concepts and builds confidence and mastery over difficult concepts as they are learned and then applied. Students are encouraged to send in any homework questions for discussion. Our teaching staff, Mr. Ron LaTour, will teach MK workshop via Zoom for a 45-minute time slot once a week from January 12, 2021-April 28, 2021. This class has a maximum of 10 students.